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The virtues menu can be accessed on a player's paper doll by double clicking the pentagram at the top. The following table describes the virtues and their active abilities in the game. These abilities if used correctly can be very powerful and helpful in both PVP and PVM.

Virtue Icon Active How to Gain
Compassion Heart Ressurect others with up to 80% Health. NPC Escort Quests
Honesty Hand Inactive Inactive
Honor Chalice Walk among monsters without being attacked. Honor monsters and kill them.
Justice Scale Increased power scrolls from Champ spawns. Killing Murders (reds)
Sacrifice Teardrop Resurrect self. Sacrifice Fame on Lich or Daemon.
Valor Sword Activate or Advance Champ spawns. Killing Champ spawn monsters.
Humility Crook Inactive Inactive
Spirituality Ankh Inactive Inactive

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