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Every player in Ultima Online has the basic 3 statistics. Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. These three “stats” affect a players ability to do many different things.

  • The easiest way to train the three stats is to use Camping. This skill will raise all three statistics. This is most efficiently used when a player is at the max of 720 skill points, locking all skills, with Camping at 0 and the arrow upward. This will prevent Camping from being successful, will prevent Camping gains, and will quickly gain all three stats.


This stat determines how many stones can be carried, and the number of Hit Points a player has. It also factors into the amount of melee damage dealt.


This stat determines how many Stamina Points a player has, and it affects both swing speeds and self bandaging speeds.


This stat determines the amount of Mana Points a player has and affects Mana Regeneration. It also awards 1 Spell Damage Increase for every 10 points of Intelligence.

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