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Various pets within Pestilent UO have special abilities that are triggered under certain circumstances.

NOTE: These special abilities will only trigger if the pet owner/rider has the required amount of Animal Taming skill as per the Taming Difficulty Table.

Anyone can ride any mount, but a player will need to meet the minimum required taming skill to tame or to have a pet transferred to them. Furthermore, if a player should decide to vacate their Animal Taming skill after acquiring one of the following mythical creatures, the pet's stats will re-scale to the stats of a Swamp Dragon. If a player decides to regain the required Taming skills, the original rolled stats for the pet will be restored. (it does NOT re-roll every time)


NOTE: These abilities will only trigger if the owner/rider meets the minimum required Animal Taming skill.


Poison Immunity and Cure Ability

A unicorn can resist Level 5 poison and below, and can attempt to cure the rider if poisoned.


Magical Bolt Ability

A Kirin will defend his rider. If the rider's health drops below X, the Kirin will shoot a Magical Bolt at their attacker dealing, at random, between X and X.

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