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A “Pestilent Paragon” is any boss-tier monster (Ancient Wyrm, Shadow Wyrm, Ancient Lich, Balron, Ogre Elementalist, Shadowlord) found in Felucca dungeons or T2A overworld that has a chance of spawning as a paragon.

Pestilent Paragons are unique to Pestilent and are identifiable by their red/blackish hue: 1920.

Note: Boss Tier Monsters that spawn as a paragon will Always spawn as a pestilent paragon in Felucca Dungeons or T2A. They will Never spawn in Felucca overworld, Malas, or Illshnear.

Pestilent Paragons are different from normal paragons in that they have a chance to drop Greater Doom Artifacts as well as the lesser artifacts you would find on the normally paragon gold hued paragons.

Additional Information about Ogre Elementalist & Shadowlord

The Ogre Elementalist and Shadowlord will both randomly spawn additional monsters based on their type. There is a rare chance for the spawn to be a Death Elemental which carries a 10% chance to drop a Diabolical Map. This Death Elemental must be defeated within two minutes or it will explode!

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