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The new faction system is currently in Phase One. The following updates have been made:

  • Factions will no longer utilize the kill points system; it will now be based on faction points.
  • A new Faction Dungeon has been introduced for Faction Members rank 3 and above.
  • Faction spawn challenges have been introduced.
  • Each Faction will be granted control of one town in the interim.
  • Faction vendors are set up in faction bases to sell unique rewards gated by rank requirements.
  • Sigils, minibosses and more will be added in Phases 2 and 3 of the factions updates.


Players may obtain Faction Points through Faction Monster Kills, Player Kills, and Faction Spawn Challenges. View your current faction points by saying 'showscore' in game or on page three of the [mystats gump.


Players will receive 50 Faction Points for slaying specific Faction Monster types relative to the opposing factions. This applies to any of the specific monsters in their natural Felucca locations, inside the Faction Dungeon, and during Champion Spawns in Felucca only. The following table identifies each Faction's specific Monster type.

Council of MagesLich Lords
MinaxTerathan Avengers
True BritanniansOphidian Avengers


Players will receive points for inflicting the killing blow to an opposing faction member. The points received (and lost) are scaled per the rank of the slain faction member. The exact amount gained by the killer is lost from their victim. These numbers are as follows:

Rank 1100
Rank 2180
Rank 3400
Rank 41750
Rank 53000
Rank 65000
Rank 710,000
Rank 815,000
Rank 920,000
Rank 1030,000


Players may now issue Faction Spawn Challenges at any Felucca Champion Spawn. A player must have a minimum of 2,000 Faction Points and must stand at the Champion Altar and say “I wish to issue a faction challenge” and target the altar's idol. This action will consume both Faction Points and Valor, as well as broadcasting a message to all faction members that a challenge has been issued. Defeating the Champion at the end of the Faction Challenge will award faction points to all of whom gained looting rights. The amount of points awarded will scale with the difficulty of the spawn. The champion will also spawn both Silver and Gold piles upon their death.


The Faction Rankings have been updated. See the chart below for the point requirements for each rank and the corresponding title.

Rank Points Title Rank Points Title
1 0 Apprentice 1 0 Lowly Defiler
2 2000 Apprentice Mystic 2 2000 Defiler
3 5000 Mystic 3 5000 Annointed Defiler
4 25000 First Diviner 4 25000 Executioiner
5 50000 Second Diviner 5 50000 Elite Executioner
6 100000 Grand Diviner 6 100000 Grand Executioner
7 250000 Luminary 7 250000 Warlord
8 500000 Elder Luminary 8 500000 Exalted Warlord
9 1000000 Archon of Principle 9 1000000 Dread Knight
10 3000000 Inquisitor of the Council 10 3000000 Avenger of Mondain
Rank Points Title Rank Points Title
1 0 Faithless Servant 1 0 Peasant
2 2000 Servant 2 2000 Militia
3 5000 Trusted Servant 3 5000 Defender
4 25000 Messenger of Lies 4 25000 Sentinel
5 50000 Keeper of Lies 5 50000 High Sentinel
6 100000 Lord of Lies 6 100000 Knight
7 250000 Bringer of Sorrow 7 250000 Leiutenant Crusader
8 500000 Lord of Sorrow 8 500000 Crusader
9 1000000 Agent of Evil 9 1000000 Knight of Virtue
10 3000000 Purveyor of Darkness 10 3000000 Knight of the Codex

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