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This grueling PVM experience is considered Level 2 of the Doom dungeon (located in Malas).


To gain entrance into the Gauntlet, a player must aqcuire a golden skull. A golden skull is obtainable from the quest given by Victoria the Sorceress (Ask about Chyloth). One must collect 1,000 daemon bones from various creatures throughout Doom dungeon, and upon handing Victoria the 1,000th bone, she will spawn a Bone Daemon. Once this boss fight concludes, the player whom activated the quest must access the creature's corpse to receive the golden skull. To gain access to the Gauntlet, a player must ring the Bell of the Dead located near the ferry docks on the northern edge of Lake Mortis. The Bell of the Dead summons Chyloth, and upon his arrival, he will request a golden skull as payment to cross Lake Mortis. Hand Chyloth the golden skull and a confirmation gump will appear asking if you wish to cross. Once you click okay, you will teleport to the ferry, and can use the teleporter on the ferry boat to enter the Gauntlet.

  • Note: If you do not hand Chyloth a golden skull when you ring the bell, he will summon a Skeletal Dragon at your location. If you ring the Bell of the Dead and Chyloth does not appear, a skeletal dragon is likely on the prowl. This creature must be slain for Chyloth to reappear.
  • Multiple players may enter doom with 1 gold skull. These players must be in party, alive, and on screen with Chyloth during this mechanic.


The Gauntlet consists of 1 large area, with 6 surrounding rooms, and 1 secret room. It operates in “rounds” in order from Room 1 through Room 5. At the completion of Room 5, the Dark Father will spawn in the center area. Once the dark father has been slain the round is completed, and the next round begins.

  • Each room will spawn a number of mobs comparable to the amount of players logged into the Gauntlet. 1-4 players will encounter only 1 boss, while 5+ may encounter 2 or more bosses, up to a total of 6 at 25+ players.
  • Artifact chance is determined by the amount of Luck worn by the highest damage dealer.
  • Only 1 artifact can drop from any boss. All players granted looting rights are eligible.
  • Instanced loot.

# Name Slayer Weakness Mechanics
1 Darknight Creeper Undead Fire and Physical None
2 Fleshrenderer None Cold and Fire Dismount, Enhanced movement speed.
3 Impaler Demon Fire and Poison Mortal, Bleed, and Deadly Poison.
4 Shadow Knight Undead Energy and Fire Teleports and Hides at half health.
5 Abyssmal Horror Demon Physical Mortal and High Eval Int.
6 Healer Room N/A N/A You may only enter this room in ghost form. Resurrection will cost 5,000 gold.
7 Secret Room N/A N/A This room houses an NPC vendor.
8 Dark Father Demon All damage types. Whirlwind, Bleed, Unholy Bones.
9 Boat Docks N/A N/A Ferry entrance, and exit gate.

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