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Below is a list of combat related caps (Sum total maximum values from gear, and necromancy). Some of these values can be seen in game with the [mystats command.


  • Spell damage increase: (includes Necromancy)
    • PvP - 15%
    • PvM - No cap
  • Damage Increase (DI):
    • PvP - 100%
    • PvM - 300%
  • Lower Mana Cost (LMC): 40%
  • Enhanced Potions (EP): 50%
  • Hit Point Increase (HPI): 25
  • Mana Increase (MI): No cap
  • Stamina Increase (SI): No cap
  • Hit Chance Increase: 45%
  • Defense Chance Increase: 45%
  • Mana Regeneration (MR): No cap
  • Hit Point Regeneration (HPR): No cap
  • Stamina Regeneration (SR): No cap
  • Lower Reagent Cost: No cap
  • Reflect Physical Damage: 100%
  • Durability: 255


  • Faster Casting (FC): 2 (Magery and Necromancy)
    • Activating the protection spell will result in a Faster Casting value of 0, regardless of gear.
    • If a character's Magery skill is less than 70.0, Faster Casting is capped at 4 for the Chivalry skill.
  • Faster Casting Recovery (FCR): 6
    • Built-in minimum recovery time

  • Swing Speed Cap: 1.25 seconds (.25 second increments).
  • Bandage Timer Cap (Healing skill): 2.5 seconds.
    • Must reach 170 dexterity through items and/or potions to achieve this Bandage Speed.
    • Use the [mystats command to see a snapshot of your current Bandage Speed.
  • Resisting Spells reduces a percentage of Blood Oath damage using the formula below.
    • Percent of damage resisted = ((Resisting Spells Skill x 10) / 20) + 10
  • Using a special move within 3 seconds of the previous special move costs double mana.
    • Applies to any/all special moves attempted within the 3 second windows of the previous special move.
    • Timer does not reset for multiple special move uses within a 3 second window.
  • Dexterity requirement for parry to receive the full benefit has been reduced to 60 from 80.
  • Armor ignore capped.
    • 35 damage for one-handed weapons.
    • 40 damage for two-handed weapons. (as of Patch Notes 03-06-2017 @ 10:30 PM EST (UTC -5)
  • Explosion potion delay timer has been reduced to one second.
  • Greater Cure potions have a 95% chance to cure deadly poison (level 4) and a 75% chance to cure lethal poison (level 5).
  • Paralyze spell does not affect a player with legendary magic resistance, even versus legendary Evaluating Intelligence and legendary Magery.
  • Trapped pouches deal 20 points of direct damage on use
  • Bolas will now have a three second “hang time” after targetting; if the target is out of the 12 tile range at the end of that three seconds, the bola will renew the combat timer and drop to the ground with a 100% failure rate. Bolas also reveal the thrower when thrown.
  • Players will no longer be able to escape (recall, sacred journey, gate travel) from combat, even if they are not the “aggressor” under the following circumstances: 1. in a faction 2. at least one murder count 3. account is greater than 30 days old.
  • Dismount timer set to 6 seconds (down from 10).
  • Blood Oath damage scale increased to 75% of Magic Resist value (up from 41.6%). Duration is decreased by one half.
  • Poision Strike range decreased to 10 tiles (from 12).
  • Greater Explosion potions damage have been increased significantly.

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