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Bulk order deeds (or BODs for short) can be received from NPCs relative to the skill the BOD is for. Blacksmith and Armorer NPCs for Blacksmithy BODs, Tailor and Weaver NPCs for Tailoring BODs. A player must have 70.1 minimum skill in order to receive a BOD. The player must single click the correct NPC and select the “Bod Order Info” option in the context menu. This will prompt the BOD gump and the player can accept or decline the BOD. It is advised to accept every BOD regardless of it's usefulness. Refusing a BOD can disrupt the player from being able to collect more than one BOD at a time. See BOD Rewards for more information regarding the rewards given for each BOD type.

  • A BOD can be collected every 4.8 hours, or 5 per 24 hour period.
  • The BOD queue will hold a maximum of 5 BODS for collection at the players leisure.

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